Motorcycle Rebuild

Brent’s BMW K1200GT needed some work this winter, so before riding season started it was time to get down to business. When we bought the bike we were unaware of a common mechanical issue that comes up on the early Kbikes, and unfortunately Brent’s bike had the leaking main seal. We originally called around to see if we should just take the bike to the shop, but we were quoted way too much and told it would be at least 24 hours of shop time! With a leaking rear main seal the dry clutch gets covered in oil making it slip and causing a puddle to build up under the bike when parked… To fix it you split the bike in half piece by piece replace the seals and clutch and any other parts that need it along the way.


Raising the frame. We had to hang the frame from the ceiling and place a jack under the engine to hold the separate parts while we worked on the clutch and seals

The tear down took us a few days, but the killer was then waiting on parts with the dismantled bike hanging around. Of course the last thing to arrive was the first thing we had to re-assemble so we jumped on it as soon as the delivery guy handed us the box.


The mechanic taking a break with a nice red.

While it was a lot of work we enjoyed the challenges and in the end the bike is stinking fast. Oh the wonders of a properly functioning clutch!

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